Ping Pong: dim sum calling

The sun is shining so what better way to spend the day than having a stroll down the Thames, taking in the sights. From Blackfriars all the way down to St Katherine’s Dock via Tower Bridge. Did you know that in 1968 Arizona purchased the old London Bridge allegedly thinking they were buying Tower Bridge? Ooppps!!!


The Big M and D were complaining about being hungry so we had a pit stop at Ping Pong, a dim sum restaurant, on St Katherine’s Dock (photo below – its part of a chain by the way; there are a number of them dotted around town). The Big M and D are loyalty card holders so they got free cocktails and prawn crackers. That kept them quiet. I liked the prawn crackers! The staff were amazing. Despite being really busy they let us sit at a table for four so I could have a high chair and park my buggy next to the table. Every time our waitress went past she talked to me and made a fuss of me; she’s my new best friend! Eventually it all got a bit too much so I retired to my buggy for a nap. When I woke up the Big M and D had finally stopped eating, from what I gather the cha sui buns and chicken and cashew nut steamed dumplings were their favourites. We checked out the facilities and I’m happy to report that they were clean and spacious enough for an easy nappy change. We’ll definitely be back soon as it was really fun people watching and looking at all the boats in the harbour.


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