Out for a ball of chalk

Yesterday I was out for a ball of chalk (walk) with the Big M & D before our Jim Skinner (dinner). It wasn’t taters in the mould (cold) so there was no need for a tit for tat (hat).

On our way we bumped into a Fullers Brewery old fashioned pig’s ear (beer) cart pulled by donkeys.

A few feet further on we found a St. Bernard dog pulling a cart of flowers.


Intrigued we followed it. The dog led us to the Guild Hall, whereupon we discovered a whole troop of Pearly Kings and Queens (hence the rhyming slang).

We discovered it was their annual harvest festival which raises money for various charities! For more info on the pearly kings and queens go to http://www.pearlysociety.co.uk

It looked like they were going to have a right old ding dong (sing song) – the city was ringing with the dulcet notes of maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner…

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