Lunch party

Yesterday we had our first lunch party at our new house. It was really fun. Made more fun by the presence of my best friend. As always she played with me. I built towers out of my blocks and knocked them down. We also played a lot of catch, which is my new favourite game.

The big D has a lot of washing up to do, that’s the downside of a lunch party and no dishwasher. Although we’re getting one on Friday. We managed to get a second hand one (and a fridge freezer) from the BHF in Yeovil. I think it’s the Big M and D’s favourite shop.

Roadtrip #3

Phew yesterday was a long day. We drove home all the way from Glasgow – about 500 miles. I thought it was best if I helped


We broke the journey in Shropshire to see the Big D’s goddaughter and her family. It was great to meet them. And they gave me some new toys, which I now take everywhere with me.


Silly Billy

Today was very sad. We went to my Great Uncle Billy’s funeral. He was also the Big D’s godfather and known to him as Silly Billy.

The Big D has been telling me funny stories about him – such as going to the Campsies together and Uncle Billy throwing boulders into the ravines. I am sad I didn’t get to meet him, but judging by all the people at the church he will be sorely missed.

I did enjoy meeting my extended family though and I was cuddled a lot and got loads of attention.

We are staying with my first cousin once removed and she has twin girls who are a year older than me. We’ve been having amazing fun. They’ve got much better toys than me and they’re a whole heap better at playing than the Big M and D. I haven’t told them yet, but I think I’ll stay here…

Road trip #2

At time of writing we’re zooming along the M9 towards our destination – Cumbernauld.

After a lovely evening with my Aunty and Uncle and baby cousin, we left Leeds really early as the parentals wanted to stop off at Lindisfarne on the way. Unfortunately the Holy Island was pretty much shut. Nothing was open. But we had fun driving over the causeway and walking to the closed castle and closed priory.


Road trip!

We’re off on a road trip to Glasgow.
We got up super early (mainly because I was awake), ate breakfast and jumped in the car.

The M5 was all but empty. As is the M1 but we’re having to creep along as there are roadworks. Booo.

We’re breaking the journey to stay with my aunt and uncle near Leeds. Am looking forward to seeing my cousin. I’m hoping she’ll play clapping with me.


A visiting we will go

The past few days have been a whirlwind of visits.

Yesterday we drove to Nether Wallop, near Andover.
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It’s the archetypical English village. Absolutely beautiful with thatch galore and babbling brooks. We had a lovely lunch with Emma, who is working with the Big D. Thank you so much for putting on such a lovely spread!!! My godparents were also there. It was fab to catch up with them. Haven’t seen them since our exodus from London.

And then today we went to see Mike and Jane in the village. They left us a moving in card a few days ago, so we popped round to say thank you. We received a really warm welcome and stayed for a natter, some crisps and a drink. I was on my very best behaviour and at my most charming! I’m sure we’ll be invited back!!!<

The mysterious case of the possessed duck

The big M and D have a big yellow plastic remote control duck (I don’t know why). It’s been packed away in a box in storage for four years (apparently it’s not a treasured possession!), but today it was granted it’s freedom and was unpacked. They thought I might like it.

After changing the batteries we set to have a play. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Not a sausage. Apparently four years in hibernation had killed it….. And then it came to life… And wouldn’t stop.

Ever since it’s been sporadically spinning round. It never goes forward, just round and round and round. It’s been driven mad by the solitude!

(I don’t know how to post a video otherwise I’d show you. But here he is in photographic glory)