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To the manor born

Yesterday we made great use of both the fine weather and our National Trust membership by visiting a local property called Barrington Court.

I liked the higgledy piggledyness of the house and had ├╝ber fun sliding around the highly polished floors.

It has an interesting recent history having been the NT’s first major acquisition around the turn of the century (that’s a really long time ago!). However, it was fraught with money issues so the trust leased it to the Lyle family of the sugar fame and they renovated it completely. They also installed a very cool ‘thunder box’ in the bathroom. That was my other favourite bit.

In other news it’s my birthday in a week. I’m very excited as I saw my present (wrapped up) and it’s big….



A downhill journey

A few months ago I penned a blog called Conquering Everest, about my momentous achievement of climbing stairs. Well the past few days I have added to my repertoire – not only van I climb stairs (and I’m a pro at this now) I can now come back down again. This combined with my new skill of opening doors means I keep the big M and D on their toes.

Soap star

Behind Oxford Street’s John Lewis within Cavendish Square, sits a new sculpture, made entirely out of soap. An installation, relevantly sponsored by Lush, and created by Meekyoung Shin sees the previously unoccupied plinth inhabited by a beautifully carved horse and rider. The soap obviously gets washed away and eroded by the elements and omits a soapy fragrance across the square. Bubblicious, I say. What a great idea. Excellent clean fun.


You’ve got to pick a pocket or two

I unwittingly became the star of the Squirrel version of Oliver! yesterday. Whilst out walking in Regent’s Park the Big M and D and I were taken hostage by a particularly audacious tree rat. The squirrel corralled us to a nearby bench and circled us for at least 10 minutes begging for food. He hopped into the buggy a few times and looked very tempted to run up the Big D’s trousers. He was also joined by a few friends. One was enormous. The definite greedy guts of the group. We wondered whether he was Fagan Squirrel who ate all the proceeds and our one was the Artful Dodger sent to charm the food out of his victims. He was definitely a cheeky chappie. Even when letting us go he joined us for a walk, hopping merrily besides us.