Handle with care

I don ‘t know what came over me today, but almost everything I did ended in tears. Accident prone doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I split my lip by head butting the floor during an overly ambitious speed crawl. I smacked my nose on the big M’s knee when trying to give her a hug, I banged my head on my cot whilst trying to get my head down for a nap and the list goes on.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring with it a bubble wrapped coating.

Working 9 to 5

Yesterday I started my career as an office assistant.

The big M has got her office/sewing room up and running and we needed to submit a pr plan to her new client. I was very helpful. I rearranged all her paperwork and then put it very neatly in the fireplace, I made sure she stayed hydrated by offering her my water on a regular basis, I entertained her with my salient burbling and at times I helped type. I’m very good at working the ipad. I also FaceTimed my godmother a number of times when the big m wasn’t watching. Finally I distributed all my toys to all corners of the room so that we could have a treasure hunt at going home time. All in all a good day’s work. Dolly would be proud.

What a dump!

A doing-day today. Playgroup was cancelled so instead we went to the dump. What a delight.

Although I have to say, it is incredibly well organised and as dumps go I reckon it’s pretty much up there.

You drive in – it’s a one way road with all the skips lined up for the various things – plastics, electronics, scrap metal, general etc.

What it makes you realise is just how much we throw away. It’s unbelievable how much stuff there is and much everyone brings. We went to Boots earlier in the day to buy the big m some anti wrinkle cream. (Although she clearly doesn’t need it!!) and the packaging was twice the size it needed to be to make you think you’re getting more for your money. If brands reduced their packaging it’d go someway to shrink our waste. Our new year’s resolution is to make briquettes out of our waste paper to burn in the winter. The big d is starting the process tomorrow. I’ll post a picture!

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

On Friday we went to the beach as it was a lovely sunny day. The big M wanted to go paddling but decided it was still a bit too cold. I think I agree. We wandered round Lyme Bay, which is on the Jurassic coast, taking in the historic Cobb harbour and beaches. It was very pretty. Although judging by this photo you wouldn’t know! It looks cold and miserable and I don’t look much happier!!!!


On the way home we stopped into see Toby a university friend of the big m and d. He’s just bought a b&b over looking the bay and is currently renovating it. When we got there the front wall was missing. They’ve got guests coming on 3rd April – no pressure!

Oh deer, oh deer

This morning we opened the curtains to a carpet of white. It was a beautiful winter scene made even more glorious by the addition of a doe sitting on our lawn. She stayed there for a few hours. While we watched a number of rabbits frolicked around her and a few robins hopped from branch to branch above her head. It was our own real life Disney film.

I took a photo but it hasn’t really come out – if you squint you can see a blob above and left from the centre – that’s the deer!


My first haircut: does my forehead look big in this?

Today I discovered something important – the Big M is no hairdresser. This is a crucial lesson for later life when style matters.

My fringe has been somewhat overgrown for a while and was beginning to get in my eyes. I was quite keen to emulate an early Harry Styles but they don’t sell baby hair product.

The Big M nervous of scissor related injuries took the baby nail scissors to my locks and now I look like a scarecrow – albeit a handsome one, even if I say so myself.

Next time I think I’ll try the big D’s barbering skills.


Ciao ciao!

Arriverderci Rome.

Sad to go! But this morning we packed our suitcase and made our way to Fiumicino airport, driving past the sights, including the Colosseum, the forum and the Pantheon.

The airport was very stylish with lots of designer shops. Our flight was on time and I slept from take off to landing, much to the relief of our surrounding passengers. We arrived in Gatwick early, meaning we gad a nice leisurely stroll to passport control. For any other babies out there I totes recommend the baby change facility in Gatwick’s south terminal. It’s amazing, the best I’ve ever been to.

And to top off a good day we got home within 3 hours including a pitstop at Fleet.

All in all a very successful trip home. I like travelling.

You snooze you loose

So I came all the way to Rome and then slept through the main event. Yes, I snoozed my way through the Sistine Chapel. Criminal, the big M and D should be arrested.

It was a very mucky day weather-wise so unlike yesterday we took the buggy so I wouldn’t get too wet and made our way on foot to the Vatican. Because of the rain we breezed through the queuing system (which in the summer I can only imagine is stupidly long) and made our way to the dome. The first level was a walk around the gallery inside St. Peter’s looking way down at all the people, as small as ants. The big M did not enjoy this at all being scared of heights. Then it was onwards and upwards…. Up another 350 very small, windy stairs.

The big m really did not like this. In fact half way up she chickened out when some other yellow-bellied Brits gave up and made the decision to turn tail and flee (despite the staircase being one way). They talked the big m out of continuing. So the big d and I bravely strode on and made it to the top, whilst the big m retreated. What a breathtaking view!!! Amazing. When we made it back down again, the big m decided she had been an idiot and that she would give it another go. So the poor big d had to carry me all the way up the 350 small, windy stairs (and down again!) again. But it was worth it as the big m conquered her fears.

We then spent a leisurely hour wandering around St. Peter’s Basilica and it’s treasury. Here I am having a pootle, getting in everyone’s way

But what a place! Indescribably beautiful. Almost too much to take in.

And then it really got too much to take in. We hotfooted it to the Vatican museums, which are four miles of objet d’art and masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece. I became art blind and needed a lie down, so I put my head down in the buggy at around the Egyptian gallery, or maybe the philatelic museum, I’m not sure which. When I came to I was out the other side zooming past the plethora of gift shops selling all manner of finger- touching goodies.

The big m and d didn’t even buy me a fridge magnet. Although I can’t complain given they purchased a Vatican rosary for me

Well let’s face it, I did throw my coins in the fountain yesterday (albeit the fountain with no water) so I will return to Rome one day. When I do I’ll be sure to revisit Michelangelo’s famous chapel.