Shape sortingĀ 

I’ve discovered a new passion. Shape sorting. It’s immense fun and keeps you busy for hours. I particularly enjoy posting the circular shapes. Not so keen on the stars. The best bit though, is now I’m back in Ibiza I have a granny at my beck and call to empty the shapes when I’m done.

Dedication’s what you need

In the words of Roy Castle ‘if you want to be a record breaker, dedication’s what you need’. Well if that is the case I’m well on my way as yesterday I received my first dedication (albeit one of a slightly different kind)

Here is my godfather’s book:


Here’s my starring role:


And not to be out done the big m and d get a mention too (although not until page 306. I’m on the title page)


Seriously touched. Thank you godfather Floppy!

Pancakes galore

Yesterday was, of course, pancake day and my lovely granny cooked me a mega stack (obvs I had to eat my main course first). They were delicious, I’ve developed quite a taste for them!

I am staying with granny and grandad because the big m and d have gone galavanting to London for the launch of my godfather’s book; Code Black.

We went to the park and I played on the swings. And had fun watching the bigger boys play football.


I think I’ll definitely come and stay here more often!!!