Of corfe it is. 

We went on a jaunt this morning to Corfe Castle near Wareham. It was originally built by William the Conquerer after 1066 when he swapped a church in Gillingham (where the big M grew up) for the plot of land overlooking Portland.

The castle today is a ruin and it makes an amazing climbing frame. It is beautifully looked after by the National Trust. There is also an old fashioned sweet shop in the town, which we visited too as the big M used to buy quarters of toffee crumble there when she was little. Guess what we bought!


We also very excitingly saw a steam train, which operates on the swanage railway. We didn’t get to ride in it this time, but of corfe, we’ll go next time!


Sunshiny garden

The big m and I were going stir crazy indoors so we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and go outside for a quick game of ball on the lawn. It was more chilly than it looked but it was nice to get a breath of fresh air.

And I think the big d needs to get the lawn mower out

Play date 

It’s been a hectic old day – this morning I tootled off to nursery where we went for a walk. I saw piggies and frolicking baby lambs. Then home for a quick pitstop and some lunch followed by a play date with my new girl friends Xanthe and Talia. I decided it was best to treat them mean to keep them keen so spent most of my time ignoring them and climbing up and down the stairs. We also had supper on my date. I charmed them with my eating skills – putting it my mouth and then opening my mouth so it all falls out. Irresistible, I know.

The naughty chair 

I found myself a naughty chair (not that I would ever need one, because I am angelic all the time)

Here I am practicing sitting in it looking naughty.

And here I am practicing for the photo to be taken, looking anything but naughty.

Supernanny would be proud of me.

These boots are made for walking

Its been such a hectic few days that I completely forgot to mention a massive milestone. On Friday I started walking. Oh yes, bona fide unaided steps. I’ll be honest I still prefer a crawl to get from A to B but here I am nailing this walking malarkey. Next stop talking.

Head for heights. Over. 

Following my ultrasound at UCH to check on my dicky kidney we headed over to Fenchurch Street to go see the sky garden in the newly opened ‘walkie talkie’ building. We had to register and then queue to have our ID checked and who should walk in behind us but Charles Campion of restaurant reviewing and Masterchef fame. He was there to have a munch at Fenchurch seafood bar and grill. He took everything very seriously and studiously made notes in a green notebook.

Anyway, back to the sky garden.  It was glorious. Well worth a trip. Here is one side of the garden

And here is the other side

At the front of the building there is a viewing platform and you get terrific views of the Thames, Tower of London and Tower Bridge   It was bit hazy, but on a clear day I reckon you could see really far into South London

Not bad considering it’s free. Roger.

My first day at school

I was very grown up this morning and went to my  first session at nursery school. I was very brave and didn’t even wimper when the big M dropped me off. Although I was a little bit clingy. But it was frightening seeing lots of other big girls and boys. They were very friendly though and gave me some toys to play with. It all got a bit much and I had to go and have a nap.

When the big M came to collect me, I didn’t want to leave. She almost didn’t recognise me as I’d had my hair styled into a very neat side parting, I looked quite the scholar!

Just Horsing around

We spent the weekend at my godfather’s house in the New Forest. It was ace. Loads of slippery wooden floors to scoot around on, plump sofas to jump on and oodles of cushions to throw. Not to mention attention on tap. I’ll deffo come here more often!!

We went on an amble though the forest and found lots of these strange creatures that are much bigger than a dog and have lots of hair. I tried to talk to them but they weren’t that interested.

Then I spied one at the bottom of the garden. This one was much more amicable. His name was Roland and apparently he’s a pony. He blew air at me. Larger versions of him are called horses. We saw one or two of those on our walk as well. A very educational visit.