How to Make Wilfred Stew

1. Find a big saucepan

2. Place ingredients (a Wilfred and some water) in pan

3. Put on heat and boil until tender





Return of the SS Ibiza

Yay – summertime again meaning I’ve got the SS Ibiza out. I have the added addition this year of a few ducks and some saucepans. Has kept me busy for hours.

I also helped the big M wash down the garden furniture for Gran Gran’s birthday party tomorrow. She kept squirting me with something called a hose and I got really, really wet. I loved it!!!

Crocodile rock 

It’s a balmy 25 degrees in Ibiza so I’ve cracked open my summer wardrobe including a new pair of crocs.

These are my absolute new favourite shoes. I haven’t taken them off. Nor do I allow any one else to remove them. It’s soon bath time and I  considering wearing them for that too given that they’re waterproof!

Va va vroom

Speedy Gonzalez is now my name as I have a new wheels. The big M and D have invested in a Maclaren pushchair for me. It’s much smaller than my previous one and much lighter. It’s really comfy though and I love it.

We had a slight prang on the test drive. However, I came out the other side unscathed.

First stop Maclaren pushchair. Next stop F1!