Oh no! My two favourite words (well, my only words) came in use today. I’m in a bit of trouble. I raided the Big M’s bedside drawer and stole her bottle of newly-opened, Christmas-present perfume and poured it all over the carpet. All of it. Not a single drop left. I shook it for good measure, just to be sure.

Frankly I can’t see what the fuss is all about, the Big M and D’s bedroom now smells beautiful. Albeit quite strongly beautiful. In fact you can actually detect the aroma from pretty much anywhere in the house. It’s been a gift in some ways as we’ve now discovered which windows open!

And given that I didn’t blog yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you to my best friend for coming to see me.


Old MacWilfred had a farm 

Old MacWilfred had a farm e-i-e-i-o.

The real farmer has put his cows in our field. They’re gorgeous. He’s described them as lap cows – in that if they could they’d sit in your lap. They’re that friendly. I love them, particularly the calves.

Will definitely come and see them every day.

Camera shy

To take advantage of the beautiful weather, we took a jaunt to Lytes Cary Manor, just off the Podimore roundabout near our house. It was the first time we’ve been. It’s a gorgeous tudor house and with my new found walking skills I explored (in great detail) every bit.

We then went for a stroll in the garden. My favourite bit was the front garden which includes topary known as the  12 Apostles – 12 shaped hedges. I was hoping to have a picture taken walking amongst them… however, useless parentals left all photo taking devices at home.

So i’ve had to make do with this photo of me wearing the sticker I got. 


Oh well good excuse to go back!

A friend indeed 

I’ve come to the conclusion that making friends is detrimental to your health. Every time I get together with some chums I get sick. So that’s it I’ve decided to become a hermit.

Feeling very sorry for myself today. Have got a raging fever, sore throat and chesty cough. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

And they’re off

Great excitement in the household today for the National.

We made our way to the bookies early clutching our £1 stake in our grubby mitts. I got  evicted, didn’t know I wasn’t allowed in. However, the Big M put my bet on for me. A horse called Many Clouds, which I picked by dribbling on the runners in the paper.

At 4.15 we crowded round the telly to watch. The Big M and D’s horses did rubbishy. I on the other hand won! Ice creams on me!

Messing about on the river 

I channelled my inner Ratty today and took a stroll along the Isis. If only I’d had the SS Ibiza, it was the perfect boating weather.

I also made a friend, a boy 2 months younger than me called Alfred. He shared his toys with me and I gave him some of my lunch. I think I got the better deal!! Master of negotiation already!!!