Locked In!

The big M was gardening so I thought I’d go back inside and play with some toys. Being the concenscious boy I am, I closed the front door behind me… And locked the big M out. Being none the wiser I carried on my business, whilst the big m panicked outside! Eventually she had to break in to get me, lots of gymnastic wizardry – thank god she got her BAGA gold award!

Of course these things always happen when the big D’s away!


Monk-ey-ing around

This afternoon we took a quick jaunt to Muchelney Abbey to make use of our English Heritage membership.

It’s a gorgeous place with some original tudor wall paintings and timber ceilings still in existence. But my favourite bits were the thatched monks loos, the only surviving example in the UK and dressing up as a monk. I think I look rather fetching.



We went to the beach today and I ate my first sand-wich – a mouthful of powdery yellow sand. Delicious!

I learnt how to build sand castles but much of the time I was more interested in eating my spade.

I also went for a paddle up to my waist in the sea. I wanted to go deeper but I wasn’t allowed