Making friends and influencing people 

Yet again I’ve been spoilt rotten and the centre of attention! The big M’s Aussie friends have played with me ALL day. The big D had to go to the Chalke Valley so the big M, Fe, Gary and I took ourselves off to Ham Hill. We had a leisurely lunch (I ate my first scotch egg) and then went for a long walk. I had a fantastic time between running up hills, playing in the dirt, throwing stones, using Gary as my own personal chariot, stealing other children’s balls amongst others.

A truly lovely day…


The Museum

The big M and gran-gran have old friends staying, who are from some far flung land called Oz. Apparently, they live upside down there as its on the other side of the world.

We went to a pub called The Museum for lunch in a teeny Dorset village where they all used to work… Quite a long time ago. 17 years to be precise. It’s called the Museum as its in the Pitt River’s estate and Pitt Rivers used to house his collection there before moving it to Oxford.

It’s changed quite a lot. But it was fun to see and there was an amazing playground next door. We can go there again!

Table building

I had a wonderful weekend. The big m and d went to a wedding in Sussex so I went to stay with my best friend! As always I was spoilt rotten! I stuffed my face with all things yummy and had free rein of all the toys and garden playthings. Perfect. Granny also came over from Spain and stayed too so a double helping of being spoilt!

In honour of Gran-Gran’s visit and some half decent weather, the big D made a garden table. I helped… Here’s the proof

Girl power (!)

The big D went to London so the Big M and I took advantage of the sunny day and went to the playground. We made some nice new friends – Casey and Bella – and I learnt how to climb up the slide. A very useful new talent.

I was also, yet again, accused of being a girl. I just give up. Short of shaving my head there’s not much I can do. Its getting quite annoying now!

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…

oh we do like to be beside the sea. Which is exactly where we were today.

We went for a stroll along Dorset’s famous Jurassic Coast starting at Nstionsl Trust site Burton Bradstock. I climbed the cliff for a good view

Then I closely studied one of the thousands of hairy caterpillars that were crawling around

And then I went  for a play on the beach and in the very cold sea


Education, Education, Education

Tony Blair and his 3Rs and threefold education wasn’t a patch on us today. We visited three educational establishments and sorted out my learning future until 13.

I start my new nursury on Monday, which is hugely exciting. It looks fab. Its in a house in Crewkerne which looks very much like our old one in London. However, its been turned over entirely to the enjoyment of us kids. Chalkboards as inserts in the fireplaces, bouncy matting on concrete floor in the garden, sand pits in the window seats, to name just a few of the cool conversions. I will be going all day Monday, and afternoons on Wednesday and Friday. I was rather hoping that I would be allowed to stay today, but sadly not. I was dragged away from all the toys. It looks like we’ve also got skool sorted too, starting January 2017. Now that’s forward planning!