Ship ahoy!

After the sad demise of the SS Ibiza I would like to introduce her replacement the SS Ibiza IIĀ 

As you can see I’ve upgraded my vessel to a model that is 20 cm longer 6 cm wider with power steering and a horn, which is most useful for the congested waterways of San Antonio

RIP SS Ibiza

It’s a sad day. The SS Ibiza has sailed her last. She served me well and will be sorely missed after succumbing to a puncture. A repair kit costs more than a new one so with a heavy heart we send her to the boat graveyard in the sky šŸ˜¦

The number 8

My favourite number is 8. I am now very good at recognising it wherever I go. I have spent the last week hunting it out in Gran-Gran’s house. And I’m pleased to report there are many – 27 to be precise (at last count): there are 2 on the freezer, one on the microwave, one on the cooker, 4 on the various telephones, 2 on the TV remotes, 6 on clocks dotted round the house, one on the swimming pool pump… To name just a few of them. When you start to look you find them everywhere. It’s a great hobby. I wholeheartedly recommend it. How many 8s do you have in your house?