Am I bovvered?

Or to more cultural readers “Ou Phrontis” (am I bothered/why worry in Ancient Greek). I learnt this little motto today at Cloud Hill cottage near Bovington. It is etched above the door of Lawrence of Arabia’s front door.

He rented the derelict cottage and subsequently purchased the freehold in the 20s as a den to write in. He eventually moved in and renovated the downstairs to create a modest abode. He stayed there for the rest of his life until it was tragically cut short following a motorcycle accident. He entertained famous people like Thomas Hardy and George Bernard Shaw feeding them a blend of tea he made himself and picnic food. Today the national trust keeps this tradition by offering tinned olives, baked beans and snacks in return for donations. The big D tried a cup of tea. The big m wasn’t so brave!

It’s a cute little place and well worth a trip if in the area. I liked the bathroom the best. He installed the luxuries (a bath, shaving mirror, book stand) but not a loo! Nutter.

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