Shark bite

Oh no I’ve been gobbled up by a baby-eating shark!


Gallopy, gallopy, gallopy

this week’s theme seems be transport. On Monday I blogged about my new car, today I’m on horseback (and apparently I only have one set of clothes, judging by this photo and the last one!)

This is Pedro, the new ‘pet’ of my best friend’s parents. They’ve got him for the imminent arrival of their new grandchild, but I thought only prudent to break him in. I loved him. I was very good at galloping. Can’t wait for the best time we go for lunch!!!

Child genius

Now we’re back at home I’ve been catching up on the last 3 weeks telly with the Big M. My particular favourite has been the last few episodes of Child Genius.

Deffo signing myself up for next year’s competition. Whilst my cryptology might not be quite up to scratch yet, I didn’t miss shouting out a single 8 from the score board. I was pretty hot on the 2s too.


Sorry I’ve been a bit remiss on the blogging side – settling into the mañana state of mind!

Have had a good few days going to the beach, swimming and catching up with friends.

Yesterday we went for lunch at a restaurant with a water feature which I enjoyed jumping in and out of and playing in the hammocks – the food was good too.