Bulkhead misery 

So contrary to the over exaggerated title we survived the 16 hour marathon to Hong Kong – we’re still all talking to each other so in my book a success!

However, the bassinet bulkhead turned out to be a bit of a poisoned challace. I wasn’t allowed a bassinet as I’m too big so sensibly the big m and d made me a nest on the floor. And oh how comfy it was. I was asleep before the food service  ….

However, 10 minutes into food service and the stewardess said I’d have to move as it was too dangerous to sleep on the floor. Now in theory this should have been fine. Just pick me up and lie me across the spare seat they gave us… But oh no! The seats in the bulkhead row have immovable arm rests meaning I couldn’t lie flat. Eventually the big m came up with the cunning plan of bolstering the seat with a bag to make it level with the arm rests. This worked to a degree but still wasn’t the most comfortable. I announced my displeasure by being sick all over the big D! Luckily pretty much everyone else was asleep so we managed to tidy up and get everything in order without an audience. It was probably the 2.5 bottles of milk I drank in quick succession.

Following that the 3.5 hour flight from Beijing to Hong Kong was a doddle! The big M gave me some play dough – what amazing stuff. I love it!

We arrived at the hotel at around 8.3opm and were in the pools by 9.06 – but that’s another story… Tbc

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