The wheels of the bus

Today we adventured our way to Stanley, a small beachside town on the south side of Hong Kong island by bus. On our way to the bus station we passed a tanggu (literally meaning ‘ceremonial hall drum’) competition. The troop (? Not sure that’s the right word) we saw were amazing!

 After a titchy disagreement about the location of the terminus we boarded a very pleasant air conditioned, double decker (no. 6X) which took us the scenic route round the island via Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay, both popular beaches. I had a great time looking out of the windows at the passing scenery and even added the word ‘view’ to my vocabulary.

Once at Stanley Village we disembarked and made our way bayside to the string of restaurants lining the front. We chose one with a free outside table in the shade. The food was delish. I had penne pasta in a cream and cheese sauce. Not very Chinese admittedly but the menu was pretty much western food.

After lunch we went shopping round Stanley market and made some great purchases for gifts including a titchy Chinese silk baby grow for my new God-brother and for my as yet unborn bro.

This man wrote my name in Chinese on a plaque for me to put up in my bedroom.

 On the way back to the bus stop we happened upon another super playground so spent a happy half hour or so running amok amongst the slides.

  We then jumped on the express bus (no. 260) back to Central which took us through the Aberdeen tunnel rather than over the top of the peak. We were back in time to grab a quick shower and go to cocktails at The Club Intercontinental for some snackettes before a bedtime dip in the pools.

Last day tomorrow 😢. It’s gone so quickly.


The high life

After another excellent night of sleeping (let’s hope I haven’t jinxed tonight) we ate brekkie in the club lounge surrounded by besuited delegates from the Hicap conference (I fitted right in!!!) and followed it up by a quick swim in the pools. We then made our way across Victoria Harbour via the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island.

Once at Central we caught a ding-ding (tram) for the bargain price of 40p for 2 adults to Times Square. I really enjoyed sitting on the top deck watching the world go by

And spying on the people sitting next to me  

We followed it up with our third mode of transport for the day – a quick trip on the MTR in order to take the funicular railway up The Peak  to the highest observation point in Hong Kong.

The view from the top was spectacular and we could see our hotel on the other side of the harbour in Kowloon.  If we had a telescope I reckon we could see our room!
 Again I caused quite a stir with people wanting to take my photo. Seriously considering staying here and joining a modelling agency! They all particularly liked me posing by this statue on the viewing platform.  
In the shopping centre  at the top of the peak there was a live, VR game of pacman and loads of promotional bits and pieces dotted around. As you can see I had buckets of fun playing with it all. Sadly I was too little to play the actual game – lucky for you ghosts!


I think we’re set for another busy one tomorrow as we’re venturing to Stanley and the beach – a first for the big M and D!

See you then x

Strike a pose

Woke up quite late this morning as a result of having a relatively late night. We were in the pool until 8.30pm watching the Victoria Harbour light show – way past my normal bedtime (ssshhhh don’t tell anyone).

After a hearty breakfast we made our way via the MRT (tube) using our Octopus card (same as an Oyster card) to the end of the orange line. This is where you catch a cable car to take you to the Big Buddha statue near the Po Lin monastery at Ngong Ping. We were in a crystal car, which is a carriage with a glass bottom for 360 degree views – super high and scary! I loved it!!

When we arrived at the top there was a picture of Tai O fishing village (we’re probably going there later in the week). You can stand in the picture and take a photo so it looks like you are there. I think I made a great model as people kept hugging me and taking my photo – I should have charged them!

We then climbed the 258 steps up to the big Buddha which was cast from bronze and erected in 1986.

At the top I was treated to an ice cream. I think I ended up wearing most of it! Again people kept snapping my photo. I felt like quite the celebrity!

Tomorrow we’re going to explore Hong Kong island. I’m most looking forward to the star ferry.

Kowloon krazy!

For the first time I hit the mean streets of Kowloon. What an experience – I was offered tailored suits and knock off Rolexes by the dozen. I saw bambo scaffolding poles and loads of neon signs.

We stopped for lunch at an m&d old fave, Spring Deer where we had green tea, shredded beef, pickled cabbage and shredded scallop with bambo shoots.

Next up was Kowloon park. We found an awesome playground. If only the ones at home were as cool. I ran around playing with some new friends for ages and went on everyone of the 10 slides multiple times.

And after all that excitement it all got a bit much so I had a power nap. It’s been a while since I was in the sling, but needs must.

Bulkhead misery 

So contrary to the over exaggerated title we survived the 16 hour marathon to Hong Kong – we’re still all talking to each other so in my book a success!

However, the bassinet bulkhead turned out to be a bit of a poisoned challace. I wasn’t allowed a bassinet as I’m too big so sensibly the big m and d made me a nest on the floor. And oh how comfy it was. I was asleep before the food service  ….

However, 10 minutes into food service and the stewardess said I’d have to move as it was too dangerous to sleep on the floor. Now in theory this should have been fine. Just pick me up and lie me across the spare seat they gave us… But oh no! The seats in the bulkhead row have immovable arm rests meaning I couldn’t lie flat. Eventually the big m came up with the cunning plan of bolstering the seat with a bag to make it level with the arm rests. This worked to a degree but still wasn’t the most comfortable. I announced my displeasure by being sick all over the big D! Luckily pretty much everyone else was asleep so we managed to tidy up and get everything in order without an audience. It was probably the 2.5 bottles of milk I drank in quick succession.

Following that the 3.5 hour flight from Beijing to Hong Kong was a doddle! The big M gave me some play dough – what amazing stuff. I love it!

We arrived at the hotel at around 8.3opm and were in the pools by 9.06 – but that’s another story… Tbc

Take off…

So far so good. We’re on the first leg of our trip to Hong Kong. We checked in to first class (although sadly hadn’t been upgraded) but did discover we’ve got the bassinet seat which fingers crossed will make the flight to Beijing a bit more comfy for all of us.

Then we went through security. Here I am … I didn’t set off the buzzer.

Next stop wheeling my suitcase to the play area

And finally a bit of playtime.

The big M and D said something about wearing me out. Don’t know why. I feel wide awake!

I’ll try and update you in Beijing wifi dependent.

Tatty bye.