I take after the big M, already with a love for shoes. In a shop I’ll make a beeline for the shoe section and at home I’ll devote a few minutes a day to trying on the selection of shoes that I can find dotted round the house.

Imagine my joy, therefore, when presented with a new pair of boots… My old ones have got a bit small and even more exciting they’re exactly the same as the big D’s, only smaller.


…my new baby brother, who I’ll meet properly in approximately 20 weeks and 1 day. He clearly gets the thumbs up from me…


Handy Andy’s no patch on me! Had a DIY day today. A few bits and pieces needed some TLC.

Now, it’s very important when partaking in some home improvements to wear the right gear. I borrowed the Big D’s work shirt. It was just the ticket – covered me from head to toe so I was completely protected. It’s also imperative to understand exactly how to use the tools correctly. Here I am demonstrating to the Big D precisely how to open a tape measure – a fundamental skill for measuring things. And that’s as far as we got. Maybe more tomorrow.

One little wilfred went swimming one day

We’re off to Hong Kong in a few days so I decided I needed to polish up my swimming skills. Not quite as glamorous as the pools I will be gracing with my presence, we took a trip to Goldenstones pool in Yeovil. It was a touch chilly but that didn’t stop me. I was front crawling my way round the training pool for 45 minutes. It helped that they provided ducks and balls (probably my 2 favourite things) to play with.