Day of the biscuits

In Hong Kong the locals had the proclivity to take my photo – in Ibiza instead of a preoccupation with portraiture it seems there is an obsession with biscuit feeding.

Yesterday I was given an inordinate number of biscuits to munch on throughout the day.

At breakfast time I shared some digestives with Sampson and Fe-Fe, then for 11sies gran-gran gave me her biscuit that came with her coffee, as did the big d. After lunch we met two ladies sitting on a bench and they gave me a couple of their special biscuits.
 Then walking home on the beach we met a Spanish lady with her two children. I spent some time playing with the younger boy and his mum let me have one of his biscuits.

Once at home I raided the biscuit tin and managed to steal a couple before anyone noticed!

It was ok though as I still ate all of my supper.


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