Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Earlier in the week I passed another milestone – my first trip to IKEA.

I was warned that it might be a tea and bun fight, but die to it being mid week in term time it wasn’t too bad.

I tried out the beds …

And the arm chairs …

And I rode the trolley round the warehouse…

All in all quite an exciting trip. Although no meatballs ☹️


Spotty man

 Oh no! I’ve got HFMD – hand, foot and mouth disease.

I caught it from nursery and now have spotty feet –

 as yet only a few spots on my hands and none in my mouth.

Apparently it clears up on its own. But I’m feeling very sorry for myself. Mathilda feels sorry for me too.

The holidays are coming

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… On Monday we saw (but sadly didn’t get a photo as we were driving) the famous Father Christmas coca-cola truck. Then yesterday we decorated our trees (one real, one artificial)

As fast as the Big M could put the baubles on I took them off… I don’t think that game is going to get old, weirdly she didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as me.

The big D and I also had the important task of making the Christmas cake. So out came  Delia. We both decided that the recipe needed amending so we quadrupled the quantity of glacé cherries. Honestly she was a bit frugal with them if we’re honest. I did a lot of stirring and spoon licking.

I also got to open the first window of my advent calendar which was made for me by my best friend. That was an unexpected treat – but I didn’t quite understand why I was only allowed the one piece of chocolate when there were 25 on offer (it’s handy to be able to count that high – no one can pull the wool over my eyes!).