On Sunday we went to the Nuffield Health gym in Yeovil on a free trial to try out the pool – mainly because the big M’s a wuss and thinks the Crewkerne and Yeovil leisure centre pools are too cold.

The main draw was the jacuzzi. The big m and I made a beeline for it pretty much immediately. And whilst not a patch on the ones in Hong Kong it was lovely and warm and bubbly. Just as we got settled and I was content catching the bubbles I was told I had to get out. Boo – apparently you have to be over 16 to use it. Rubbish rule! The pool was ok (and indeed significantly warmer than the aforementioned) but I don’t think we’ll be becoming members as all I wanted to do was swim in the jacuz! Never mind, only another 14 years to go.

Vital statistics

I had my 2 year review today with the health visitor and you’ll be pleased to know I passed with flying colours. Although shy to begin with I warmed up and dazzled her with my number, alphabet and building skills. Apparently I am ‘exceptional’ at all three.

I am now 13.9 kilos which puts me between the 75th and 91st percentiles and I am 94cm tall which means that if there were 100 people lining up I would be the 98th tallest!!!

Swiss contingent

On Thursday I spent the day meeting my god brother.  He is over visiting fromSwitzerland. Apparently it snows a lot there (when I went it was really hot).

He is still really little – a few months old. I am told that we’ll have something even smaller at our house in a few weeks time.

I was very good and shook his hand and gave him some toys to play with – all good practice!

It was nice to see my godmother too. She spent lots of time playing with me – cars. My current favourite.

 We also went for a walk and saw a tractor. Tractors are a big favourite too – particularly since I got a singing John Deere for Christmas.

Hopefully we’ll see them all again soon.

Splish splash

It’s raining its pouring and the flood water is soaring!

Yesterday when we got home from London we drove through a massive flood just off the 303 and our field was pretty much under water – nothing serious though – so far!

We decided to go high to see how much of our local environment was under water so went up Ham Hill. As it turns out it’s just localised flooding at the moment and when we got home again you wouldn’t have known that the field had been waterlogged just a few hous before.

The best thing about Ham Hill was the puddles. Have wellies will splash!

Oh Stowe Good

Happy belated New Year!!!

I spent the end of 2015 and the start of ’16 at my grandparents. On New Year’s Day we went for a ‘walk’ at Stowe. As well as the school it’s an enormous estate complete with sunken gardens, lakes and loads of monuments.

It is so big that we hired a buggy due to the big M having a baby in her tummy. It was well fun! I got to drive a little bit (shhhh don’t tell the national trust man). It meant that we got to see a large chunk of the gardens and be home in time for lunch!