Bed head

I have devised a new sleep index. I think it will take off. It is based around the state of your hair in the morning.

For instance this morning’s look:

This bird’s nest of a style signifies deep but active sleep.

Whereas yesterday’s do (unfortunately no photo) was nice and neat illustrating a deep and still night. And there are many styles in between! No doubt the BMJ will be knocking at my door soon enough wanting to publish… You heard it here first!


Hugely exciting – we discovered that Haynes motor Museum not only has a massive collection of cars, but also has an indoor soft play area…. Car themed. My idea of heaven. 
The best bit about it – because we gift aided our tickets back in December when we visited we get free, unlimited visits for a year!!
Guess where I now want to go every time we go out!

Choo choo

The big D’s away filming so GAS has come to stay in case the baby comes. So far no baby! But we’ve had lots of fun.

When the big D gets back from Wales he has got to do a lot of writing for the book to accompany the series. To help I’ve been mugging up on trains. I’ve watched a lot of Thomas the tank engine, I’ve played with my train sets and I’ve been to watch trains on the big screen

As you can see from the below photo I’ve even composed and played a score to accompany the train film in case the Big D needs such assistance – you can never be too prepared.

Sleeping beauty

Other than my slapped cheek disease (more days off nursery) all is good in the world of Wilfred. I spent a lovely day with my grandparents on Thurday whilst the big m and d were in London. We played football in the park!

 And I devoted much time to one of the big D’s old toys: the rescue centre where you pres buttons and emergency personnel are dispatched via slides to their requisite emergency vehicle. It’s super cool. The big d remains quite protective of it!

On Friday we came home and I achieved another milestone – a night in my big bed. I also napped in it. I was very good and didn’t get out of bed to play with my toys! I chose a red duvet and pillow and am very keen on them. George, Da and Monkey, my teddies also liked the big bed as there is much more space.

I go driving in my car

Cars are a recent obsession in my life. I refuse to go to sleep unless I am clutching  red car and there are at least 8 others in reach.

However, I’m not just satisfied with toys cars. The real thing is what I actually want. Every time we get home I am now allowed to drive down the drive. Here I am keeping an eye out for the ducks – wouldn’t want to run them over!


The alphabet according to wilfred

I have a new favourite pastime – playing the alphabet game with foam letters.

I have a set in the bath and a set in the kitchen. I am now very good at recognising many of the letters and identify them through word association in the following order (the ones I don’t know I simply ignore):

A – Apple

B- bus

C – cat

D – dog

E- elephant

F – fish

H – house

G – garden

I – i

J – juice

K – kangaroo

M – mummy

N – naughty

O – orange

Q – queen

R – r

S- snake

T – teeth

U – umbrella

W – Wilfred

X – kiss