Potato printing

On Thursday the big M and I made the alphabet out of potatoes. Sadly she had a bit of s senior moment and didn’t do them backwards so when we used them the letters were the wrong way round. But never mind! It was still a fun half hour!

Family week

This week is national family week and at nursery to celebrate it we had a show and tell of the things we’ve done as a family.

We went to the beach to pick up stones, shells and drift wood. It was a beautiful day and I got to paddle in my wellies. I also rolled down the shingle slopes and almost rolled into the sea!

We also visited Portland Castle. It was built by Henry the Eigth after he divorced his first wife. He was concerned the Spanish might try and attack our shores in revenge.

I particularly liked the canons. Ready, aim, fire!

The official family portrait

This week the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. In honour of the event a number of official family portraits were released. Well we’ve been channelling our inner queen and here’s out official family portrait:

And here’s the unofficial one:

Habla usted toddler?

Yesterday I forged international relations by speaking the global language of toddler whilst in Ibiza.

We went out for lunch to a restaurant with a large enclosed garden and toys for kids consequently it is very popular with parents and there was a veritable army of children for me to play with. The language barrier was not a problem – we just got in with the important business at hand which included riding the ride on toys around an obstacle course and throwing stones in the pond. A lovely afternoon was had by all.

Petrol head

Last week I spent a few days with granny and grandad. They had some amazing new toys. My particular favourite was a carrier truck. Not only did it come with additional vehicles, it also had a toolkit so I could take it apart and mend it. Even better it made lots of lovely noise!!!