Swim Swan over the sea

Swim swan back again. Well swum swan!

We went to Abbotsbury swannery and saw hundreds and hundreds of swans, including nesting ones

And baby ones

And hungry ones

And after all of that I had to have an ice cream

And hang out in a cool shed

Ding ding

We took a tram ride yesterday on the historic line from Seaton on the coast across the mouth of the River Axe and on to Colyford. It’s an electric tram line and takes around 25 minutes each way.

We travelled on team no 6 on our outward trip which is the line’s smallest tram (possibly the world’s smallest) we couldn’t sit up top as Inigo and the Big M didn’t fit up the stairs!

At the other end we spent a happy half hour playing at the playground

and then caught the number 9 team back again. This time we were able to sit on the top deck.

We saw loads of wildlife in the nature reserve including ducklings and waders and swans and birds of prey. Sadly I didn’t have anything to feed them (although it’s probably not allowed).

Super science

We left the flat early in order to get to the science Museum for opening. Initially I was unsure and my favourite ‘exhibit’ the lift.

And then we found the interactive bits…. I LOVE the science museum. And the lift is rubbish in comparison.