Today we went Shoepping – shopping for shoes as my feet seem to have sprouted. 

We went to Clarks as they measure feet and make shoes that fit both width and length. 

I’m a size 7 1/2 G. 

We then went Shoepping and found 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of sandals, some welly boots and a matching brolly. The brolly is my favourite!!!!

I haven’t let go of it since. 

Bye bye cot

So the cot has gone away. It is no longer in my bedroom. 

I am now officially a big boy and sleep in a bed! 

This morning I was awarded a green leaf as for the first time ever I stayed in bed / in my bedroom from the time the moon appeared (bedtime) until the sun came up on my gro clock. The sun means I’m allowed to wake up the big M and D. I think they are hoping this will become the rule rather than the exception… We’ll see 😉

Swings, boats and mocktails

We’re in London again (as the big M&D went to a black tie do last night) and London means the best playground ever.

Coram fields is in Bloomsbury and is just for kids. No unaccompanied adults allowed. It’s fab it’s got swings, slides (lots), sand, water, roundabouts, rabbits, goats, sheep, Guineapigs, free drop ins for arts and crafts and storytime.

Afterwards we walked to Tower Bridge

(walking past St Pauls where the Queen was having a celebratory birthday mass) and had lunch at St Katherine’s dock. We went to Ping Pong a dim sum restaurant. I LOVE their black sesame prawn crackers. I rather liked the beef gyoza too. I was aldo very grown up and had a lemon and lyche mocktail.

I then decided we should get a boat back so we jumped aboard the river bus to Embankment. We sat right at the front and I could see everything.

We then met my Godfather (we saw my godmother and godbrother yesterday on the way up to town) and went to a different set of swings. I ate my supper in the park.

After all of that I’m tired out!

Show time!

Last weekend was a jam packed one!

GAS came down to stay so we went on a jaunt to the Royal Bath and West show. The big D was filming but we still managed to get some steam action on the B&W mini railway.

It was a nail biting ride as the loco in front derailed and when we started up again following a delay the train behind us did the same thing! They hadn’t had an incident in the preceding 4 days! If never rains but it pours!

We also looked at lots of livestock –

these cows were my favourite – and we watched a bit of show jumping. We saw beagle puppies and mountains of cheese. I ate tonnes of ice cream (as a special treat) and became a fireman. We also saw someone called Martin Clunes – it seemed to excite GAS and the big M.

Unsurprisingly I needed a nap on the way home.

Then on Sunday we went for a swim at our new health club. I have a cool new swimming costume which has integrated floats so I can quite happily jump in and swim around. I’ve very kindly given Inigo my floatation seat so he gets to come too. Afterwards we had lunch in the hotel’s beautiful garden. I had loads of fun rolying across their grass court and croquet lawn. I also found a stray croquet ball which provided huge entertainment – although it’s quite heavy when it lands on your head!

Green leaves

We’ve made a reward chart for Inigo and I – it’s a tree which is painted on the wall outside our bedrooms.

We can gain green leaves for being good. I got one for eating all my supper

And Inigo was awarded one for sleeping all night.

We have to collect 10 in order to get a small treat – there is a score board to keep count.

But if we get a rotten apple for being naughty all of our green leaves are taken away and we have to start again from 0.

Here’s to the first of many green leaves and no rotten apples.

Whizzy whizzy lets get busy

Every bank holiday needs a slide… And I was fortunate enough to find a few.

We took a trip to Sherborne Castle Country fair where there was every child’s dreams – helter skelters (I made the big m have a go)

Bouncy castles, bouncy slides, bouncy balls, bouncy everythings. I loved it.

There were animals, dragon boat races, stalls, Hog roasts (yummy!), musicians, ferret races, horse shows… You name it. It was so good I had a three hour nap afterwards!