Show time!

Last weekend was a jam packed one!

GAS came down to stay so we went on a jaunt to the Royal Bath and West show. The big D was filming but we still managed to get some steam action on the B&W mini railway.

It was a nail biting ride as the loco in front derailed and when we started up again following a delay the train behind us did the same thing! They hadn’t had an incident in the preceding 4 days! If never rains but it pours!

We also looked at lots of livestock –

these cows were my favourite – and we watched a bit of show jumping. We saw beagle puppies and mountains of cheese. I ate tonnes of ice cream (as a special treat) and became a fireman. We also saw someone called Martin Clunes – it seemed to excite GAS and the big M.

Unsurprisingly I needed a nap on the way home.

Then on Sunday we went for a swim at our new health club. I have a cool new swimming costume which has integrated floats so I can quite happily jump in and swim around. I’ve very kindly given Inigo my floatation seat so he gets to come too. Afterwards we had lunch in the hotel’s beautiful garden. I had loads of fun rolying across their grass court and croquet lawn. I also found a stray croquet ball which provided huge entertainment – although it’s quite heavy when it lands on your head!


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