Swings, boats and mocktails

We’re in London again (as the big M&D went to a black tie do last night) and London means the best playground ever.

Coram fields is in Bloomsbury and is just for kids. No unaccompanied adults allowed. It’s fab it’s got swings, slides (lots), sand, water, roundabouts, rabbits, goats, sheep, Guineapigs, free drop ins for arts and crafts and storytime.

Afterwards we walked to Tower Bridge

(walking past St Pauls where the Queen was having a celebratory birthday mass) and had lunch at St Katherine’s dock. We went to Ping Pong a dim sum restaurant. I LOVE their black sesame prawn crackers. I rather liked the beef gyoza too. I was aldo very grown up and had a lemon and lyche mocktail.

I then decided we should get a boat back so we jumped aboard the river bus to Embankment. We sat right at the front and I could see everything.

We then met my Godfather (we saw my godmother and godbrother yesterday on the way up to town) and went to a different set of swings. I ate my supper in the park.

After all of that I’m tired out!

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