Green leaves

We’ve made a reward chart for Inigo and I – it’s a tree which is painted on the wall outside our bedrooms.

We can gain green leaves for being good. I got one for eating all my supper

And Inigo was awarded one for sleeping all night.

We have to collect 10 in order to get a small treat – there is a score board to keep count.

But if we get a rotten apple for being naughty all of our green leaves are taken away and we have to start again from 0.

Here’s to the first of many green leaves and no rotten apples.


Whizzy whizzy lets get busy

Every bank holiday needs a slide… And I was fortunate enough to find a few.

We took a trip to Sherborne Castle Country fair where there was every child’s dreams – helter skelters (I made the big m have a go)

Bouncy castles, bouncy slides, bouncy balls, bouncy everythings. I loved it.

There were animals, dragon boat races, stalls, Hog roasts (yummy!), musicians, ferret races, horse shows… You name it. It was so good I had a three hour nap afterwards!