Fish pop, anyone?

I’m potty training at the moment and each time I use the potty I receive a small reward. Well a few days ago the big D was having a snooze and I did a wee so decided to self administer a reward. I thought an ice pop would be a fitting tribute so went to the freezer to find one. Instead of a pink one, or a red one, or a brown one, or a yellow one I opted for an orange, knobbly one. 

Yummy. A bit fishy, but otherwise hit the spot. 

Swings, swings and more swings 

It’s been a packed few days. The big D joined us at Gran-Gran’s house after his stint in Waterloo. He put up the swing that gran-gran bought – and then he spent all day every day pushing me!!! It’s my new favourite thing now that Kit and Saethryd have desserted me. I swing from the time I get up till the time I go to bed with a short interlude for swimming and ice cream. 

Sadly I had to leave it behind 🙁 when we came home – I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since, but to no avail. 

Froggy paddle

I swim! Indeed no longer do I need my floaty swimming costume instead I can ‘froggy paddle’. It’s easier with my Spider-Man armbands but I managed a width without today! Next stop learning to do a roly poly in the water!

Art Attack

I had an attack of the arts this morning – it required immediate painting relief. 

My medium of choice was foot, hand and face painting on canvas. Inigo supervised.

It required great concentration. But the end result was worth it. I am very proud of my masterpieces which are to be framed and hung in the dining room

Afterwards a bath was necessary!