Feeding time at the zoo

And madness ensues! This was the clean, tidy part… Inigo ended up wearing most of his broccoli in his haste to eat it


Fish pop, anyone?

I’m potty training at the moment and each time I use the potty I receive a small reward. Well a few days ago the big D was having a snooze and I did a wee so decided to self administer a reward. I thought an ice pop would be a fitting tribute so went to the freezer to find one. Instead of a pink one, or a red one, or a brown one, or a yellow one I opted for an orange, knobbly one. 

Yummy. A bit fishy, but otherwise hit the spot. 

Swings, swings and more swings 

It’s been a packed few days. The big D joined us at Gran-Gran’s house after his stint in Waterloo. He put up the swing that gran-gran bought – and then he spent all day every day pushing me!!! It’s my new favourite thing now that Kit and Saethryd have desserted me. I swing from the time I get up till the time I go to bed with a short interlude for swimming and ice cream. 

Sadly I had to leave it behind 🙁 when we came home – I’ve been looking for a replacement ever since, but to no avail.