Fish pop, anyone?

I’m potty training at the moment and each time I use the potty I receive a small reward. Well a few days ago the big D was having a snooze and I did a wee so decided to self administer a reward. I thought an ice pop would be a fitting tribute so went to the freezer to find one. Instead of a pink one, or a red one, or a brown one, or a yellow one I opted for an orange, knobbly one. 

Yummy. A bit fishy, but otherwise hit the spot. 


One thought on “Fish pop, anyone?

  1. LOL! Oh Wilfred, many thanks for bringing lots of laughter into our home tonight with your fishy-pop antics! While fish flavoured lollies are unlikely to ever catch on, it’s nice to know that they have at least one enthusiastic young supporter 🙂


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