A whistle stop tour

So I’ve been hugely remiss in keeping my blog updated for the last two weeks… So here’s a whistle stop tour of everything I’ve been up to

1. 2 weeks ago my nursery unexpectedly shut down with immediate effect 

2. Inigo and I went to stay with granny and grandad whilst the big M&D went to a wedding that we weren’t invited to (… I know outrageous right? Who wouldn’t want the pleasure of my company?). 

We played with all of the toys. The train set was my favourite 

And I became a keen gardener. Here I am helping to water the pots. 

3. The big m then went to London and the big D was in charge. We had an ace time. We went to a diesal day at Yeovil Junction train museum 

And we went to Haynes to play with all the cars their play centre. Proper boy stuff 

4. The big m came home and we had to resume girly stuff like carpet shopping. Ssshh don’t tell anyone but it was actually quite fun 

5. We managed to find a new nursery and I started last week. I love it already. There’s a real boat in the garden and a veg patch that us kids are in charge of / and we eat the veggies for our lunch!

6. On Friday we went swimming and then had some lunch in the garden of the hotel where the pool is as the weather was so nice 

7. I also have done much baking over the past few days having been inspired by watching Gordon Ramsey on tv – i think I’m the better chef though

And as every good chef knows it’s important to maintain a clean workspace  

8. We went to a super smart party in a marque next door to mark Mr and Mrs Dawson’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was a lovely afternoon and I made lots of new friends and learnt croquet. 

Finally I introduced Inigo to the delights of cat ownership 

That’s about it. Hope you’ve all had good weeks. And I’ll aim to resume normal service. 


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