Another busy few days. We made a lovely new painting to match our new rug. Inigo helped too – a real family effort! But clearly I was the artistic genius behind the project.

Granny and Grandad came to stay. They brought with them a giant beach ball. I love it – it provides hours of fun on the trampoline. It’s a shame Rio Olympics are over since I believe beach-ball-oline as I’ve named the sport would have made a perfect addition. I may well suggest it to the organisers of Tokyo 2020.

With Granny and grandad I perfected my gardening skills. They did all the heavy lifting and I directed.

It now looks beautiful.

We moved the trampoline to the big lawn so I have a lovely flat space upon which to ride my bicycle! Hooray!

We had a bonfire in the field to get rid of all the detritus unfortunately though we didn’t have any marshmallows and no-one would join me for a rousing chorus of ging-gang-goolie.


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