The Murano crone and other stories 

Day 2 in Venice was even more full on than the first. As before we managed to catch the first boat of the day and were therefore some of the first tourists to grace San Marco. This time we managed to beat the queues into the doges palace – in fact we were no.s 3,4,5 and 6 visitors of the day.

The great thing about having it to ourselves was playing hide and seek 

It was beautiful

Of course we crossed the Bridge of Sighs and waved to all the people outside – but no – one waved back – meanies 

The prisons were pretty cool too. But I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to have stayed there!

Next up was a boat trip to Murano. 

We visited a glass blowing factory and watched the master make a vase and a model horse. The glass was so hot that it set fire to a piece of paper!

We then had a wander around the island and alighted upon a lovely spot for lunch. We were having a lovely time …

And then the Murano Crone turned up. She hated children and made it very obvious indeed. But rather than choosing o go into the courtyard she chose to sit at a table next to us and every time either myself or Inigo made a peep she almost exploded with indignation and discussed the inappropriateness of children in a restaurant with all the other poor patrons who really couldn’t have cared less. She made everything incredibly uncomfortable. And I was actually on my best behaviour so there was actually nothing to complain about. I just hope she soon encounters hansel and gretal very soon. 

Ding dong my ears are dead…

A busy old day today. We woke up early and got ourselves organised so that we could go for breakfast and be ready for the first launch of the day to St Mark’s Square. Being early paid off as we managed to make it up in the Campanile before the hoardes arrived.

The views were spectacular 
Whilst we were up there the bells began to peel – what a racket. We had to hold our ears!!

Next up was a stroll to the Rialto and the market. We bought some fruit. I wanted to buy sausages but wasn’t allowed. But we Salians of stuff including chillis and live crabs.

We then trotted along to an amazing church on the corner of the grande canal – Santa Maria Della salute. We were super lucky as it closed 5 minutes after we arrived. A tour party having walked all the way there was denied access – with much constination as a result. 

Lunch was next followed by some gelato (you didn’t think I’d come to Italy and not have an ice cream,did you!?)

By then we were all exhausted so caught the boat back to the hotel and went for a well earned (still freezing cold) swim in the rooftop pool. Brrrrrrr. Can only just feel my feet again!

Tomorrow we’re off to see the glass – if we’re grave enough to trust me!

But in the meantime here’s a lovely snap of Daddy and I.

Buongiorno Venezia

So I haven’t yet managed to catch up on  the goings on over the past few days without Internet but today we travelled to Italy. Venice to be precise.

We got to the airport in good time and managed to fit everything in our hand luggage meaning we didn’t need a case for the hold.

I was given a sticker at security for being extra specially well behaved

The plane was pretty uneventful. It was a blue one. I wanted to go on the purple one but it was going to Rejkevich.

We caught a bus to the airport terminal at Marco Polo.

And then we caught the water bus to our hotel

We saw lots of sights (it took an hour and a half … And the rest) but it all got a bit much so I took the opportunity to have a brief snooze

Once we arrived at the hotel we had a bite to eat and decided to go for a swim. However, only the big d was brave enough as it was freeeeeeeezzzzing

The view was pretty spectacular though

And now time for bed. Night night

The world without Internet 

What an awful place. No blogging as we’ve had no t’interweb for days and days and days… But we’re back in business. Finally, yay!

Will catch up over the next few days.

But here’s a picture of Inigo enjoying his first Michelin starred meal (I’ve never had the pleasure)- out with the big M&D for the big D’s bday whilst I languished at nursery. Charming!

Planes, trains and automobiles

The past few days have been transport-tastic! It’s been amazing!!!

On Friday we came to Switzerland to visit my godmother and godbrother. To get here we drove to the airport, then jumped on a plane, caught a bus (it was v heavy!!) and then boarded a train (sadly not a double decker one) to be met by Aunty Miranda and her car at Zurich station in order to drive to her house – phew!

You think that was a lot of transport – it’s got nothing on what came a few days later! When we got to Aunty Miranda’s house she and uncle Vincent cooked up a storm – look at all that food … And they ate all if it!

This was my gourmet supper – risotto balls and chicken burgers. Yummy!

The absolute best thing though is that you can spot planes from their garden! So don’t need to go into Zurich – I could happily have stayed here all weekend! I was made to go out though. 

Which was a good thing as there was ice cream involved

And a funicular railway

And swimming, with a water slide. I wanted to jump off the 3m diving board but the big m said no – spoil sport.

It all got a bit much for Inigo so he had a nap. 

On Sunday the transport modes stepped up a level!

We caught a bus, then a tram to the main station. From there we jumped on a train which took us up a mountain. We had a brief mechanised transport break, relying on good old fashioned two- legged transport for the five mile trail  (well some of us had a bit of an easier ride)

Then we went on a cable car down the mountain

Followed by a bus to the lake

Then a boat back to Zurich

Followed by another team which took us to the zoo where upon we walked home.

A grand total of 6 different forms of transport.

And that’s not including borrowing my godbrother’s wheels!

What a day!!!