Planes, trains and automobiles

The past few days have been transport-tastic! It’s been amazing!!!

On Friday we came to Switzerland to visit my godmother and godbrother. To get here we drove to the airport, then jumped on a plane, caught a bus (it was v heavy!!) and then boarded a train (sadly not a double decker one) to be met by Aunty Miranda and her car at Zurich station in order to drive to her house – phew!

You think that was a lot of transport – it’s got nothing on what came a few days later! When we got to Aunty Miranda’s house she and uncle Vincent cooked up a storm – look at all that food … And they ate all if it!

This was my gourmet supper – risotto balls and chicken burgers. Yummy!

The absolute best thing though is that you can spot planes from their garden! So don’t need to go into Zurich – I could happily have stayed here all weekend! I was made to go out though. 

Which was a good thing as there was ice cream involved

And a funicular railway

And swimming, with a water slide. I wanted to jump off the 3m diving board but the big m said no – spoil sport.

It all got a bit much for Inigo so he had a nap. 

On Sunday the transport modes stepped up a level!

We caught a bus, then a tram to the main station. From there we jumped on a train which took us up a mountain. We had a brief mechanised transport break, relying on good old fashioned two- legged transport for the five mile trail  (well some of us had a bit of an easier ride)

Then we went on a cable car down the mountain

Followed by a bus to the lake

Then a boat back to Zurich

Followed by another team which took us to the zoo where upon we walked home.

A grand total of 6 different forms of transport.

And that’s not including borrowing my godbrother’s wheels!

What a day!!!

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