Buongiorno Venezia

So I haven’t yet managed to catch up on  the goings on over the past few days without Internet but today we travelled to Italy. Venice to be precise.

We got to the airport in good time and managed to fit everything in our hand luggage meaning we didn’t need a case for the hold.

I was given a sticker at security for being extra specially well behaved

The plane was pretty uneventful. It was a blue one. I wanted to go on the purple one but it was going to Rejkevich.

We caught a bus to the airport terminal at Marco Polo.

And then we caught the water bus to our hotel

We saw lots of sights (it took an hour and a half … And the rest) but it all got a bit much so I took the opportunity to have a brief snooze

Once we arrived at the hotel we had a bite to eat and decided to go for a swim. However, only the big d was brave enough as it was freeeeeeeezzzzing

The view was pretty spectacular though

And now time for bed. Night night


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