Ding dong my ears are dead…

A busy old day today. We woke up early and got ourselves organised so that we could go for breakfast and be ready for the first launch of the day to St Mark’s Square. Being early paid off as we managed to make it up in the Campanile before the hoardes arrived.

The views were spectacular 
Whilst we were up there the bells began to peel – what a racket. We had to hold our ears!!

Next up was a stroll to the Rialto and the market. We bought some fruit. I wanted to buy sausages but wasn’t allowed. But we Salians of stuff including chillis and live crabs.

We then trotted along to an amazing church on the corner of the grande canal – Santa Maria Della salute. We were super lucky as it closed 5 minutes after we arrived. A tour party having walked all the way there was denied access – with much constination as a result. 

Lunch was next followed by some gelato (you didn’t think I’d come to Italy and not have an ice cream,did you!?)

By then we were all exhausted so caught the boat back to the hotel and went for a well earned (still freezing cold) swim in the rooftop pool. Brrrrrrr. Can only just feel my feet again!

Tomorrow we’re off to see the glass – if we’re grave enough to trust me!

But in the meantime here’s a lovely snap of Daddy and I.


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