The Murano crone and other stories 

Day 2 in Venice was even more full on than the first. As before we managed to catch the first boat of the day and were therefore some of the first tourists to grace San Marco. This time we managed to beat the queues into the doges palace – in fact we were no.s 3,4,5 and 6 visitors of the day.

The great thing about having it to ourselves was playing hide and seek 

It was beautiful

Of course we crossed the Bridge of Sighs and waved to all the people outside – but no – one waved back – meanies 

The prisons were pretty cool too. But I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to have stayed there!

Next up was a boat trip to Murano. 

We visited a glass blowing factory and watched the master make a vase and a model horse. The glass was so hot that it set fire to a piece of paper!

We then had a wander around the island and alighted upon a lovely spot for lunch. We were having a lovely time …

And then the Murano Crone turned up. She hated children and made it very obvious indeed. But rather than choosing o go into the courtyard she chose to sit at a table next to us and every time either myself or Inigo made a peep she almost exploded with indignation and discussed the inappropriateness of children in a restaurant with all the other poor patrons who really couldn’t have cared less. She made everything incredibly uncomfortable. And I was actually on my best behaviour so there was actually nothing to complain about. I just hope she soon encounters hansel and gretal very soon. 

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