Christmas lunch x9

We’ve got some new arrivals chez nous – geese – nine of them to be precise. They are living in the paddock and stables and are allegedly being fattened up for Christmas. But the more we get to know them the less likely it is we’ll send them to the butcher! They’re very friendly!

Inigo’s adventure 

Last week Inigo had a turn of going to London with the Big D.

To while away the journey he did some reading.

Then to maintain his routine he had a nap

They were a little early for their appointment so had a pit stop at Corsm Fields for a spot of play

It was a good location for the Hospital as is only a short walk from GOSH. Inigo fell asleep during his examination! He has to go back for a brain scan.

They then made their way back to Waterloo. Inigo’s saying: “Come on train! Things to do, people to see.”

He enjoyed looking out of the window all the way home
The end

Two zoos Ginn

A few weeks ago we visited London zoo and whipsnade in the space of two days.

At whipsnade Inigo and I both decided to travel by pushchair. 

The animals were great but the best bit was the kid zone at Whipsnade. It was incredible. There was an outdoor bit with loads of slides, a petting zoo and an indoor soft play centre. All my dreams come true! As you can see I made good use of it. 

And here are some elephants. They are the Bears were my favourites. 

My adventure with the Big D

Last week the Big D and I went to London together on an adventure.

It started off badly as our train was cancelled and we had to wait ages for another. This is what we thought of SW Trains

Luckily the train eventually turned up and we had a pretty uneventful journey to town. When we arrived at Waterloo we caught the bus across the river towards UCH

We were somewhat early for my appointment so we popped into UCL Grant museum. It was amazing! Bones everywhere was was like we had walked into a different era 

At hospital they had lots of toys so I passed the time playing with them. I particularly enjoyed the garage. 

After my appointment (which was a bit of a disaster as my scan was inconclusive so I have to have another) we caught the tube. I sat on the end seat. This was one of my highlights!

Back on the train (this time in time) I ate my packed supper and read my books 

However, it all got a bit much so I had a quick snooze!

All in all a good day as I got to spend loads of time with the Big D and go on three different types of transport.

Happy Christening!

On Saturday it was Inigo’s Christening. He looked super smart 

I looked pretty snappy too

Inigo was baptised at Chard Catholic Church. He was very good and didn’t make a peep – even when the water was poured over his head.

We then had everyone back to ours for a party. No party is obviously complete without a cake. Here is Inigo’s

Gran-Gran made the mice which represented the Big M&D, Inigo and I. Inigo’s godfather Tom made a speech and cut the cake

He looked pretty smart too!

We all had a lovely day.