A rub-a-dub- scrub

The other day we met our godfather for a quick coffee in town – causing chaos in the cafe! He very kindly brought us a bag of Child’s farm goodies – here I am sporting my rather natty CF bag. It now comes with me everywhere. Very handy in the supermarket for holding egg surprises I’ve found

I have also made use of the contents of the bag and unusually have washed my hair almost every night since!

The great British Christmas cake off

As you may know I enjoy a bake or two. To get organised this year I decided having seen Christmas cake advertised on television that we should make ours nice and early.

We therefore went to my favourite place (the supermarket) to procure the ingredients and then set up our baking station back st the ranch.

We followed A delis recipe – loosely. I decided the cake needed far more cherries and candied peel than advised not to mention a touch more treacle. That said it came out of the oven 4 hours later (!) – not brilliant for an impatient baker such as myself – looking perfect.

The worst bit though – I wasn’t allowed to eat any of it.

Forward facing 

Inigo is now so massive that he doesn’t really fit backward facing in the car anymore – so he’s joined me and we can now have a natter , a giggle and most importantly share the car snacks!

The wild woods

On Saturday we went on a jaunt to Escot so I could play on the slides. Instead of turning left after the slides we turned right and found all manor of beasties in the dark, dark forest. Firstly we happened across a building site – it is going to become the enclosure for some wolves. Then we found the wild cat pen. One of the cats looked just like Millie. There’s a certain irony to the wild cats being behind bars and the domestic cat roaming free.
I was very excited to spot an eagle owl. He was huge!

Next up were the Lynx. Again they looked like pet cats with really long legs. Apparently they are the European tiger. 

Finally we found some wild boar who were very friendly and trotted over to see us

Also in the woods was a massive death slide, a pirate ship playground and a bug’s paradise. We didn’t get a chance to explore these bits in great depth as I wanted a cup of tea. Apparently there is also loads to do at the wetlands area. So much to come back for!

A momentus day

A momentus day – Inigo climbed the stairs 

I remember doing the same thing myself. But Inigo has beaten me by around a month I think.

There’s no stopping him now – as you can see he’s quite partial to standing up too. He’ll be walking before we know it 

London hospitals

This week we had a whistle stop tour of London’s finest hospitals. On Thursday I had a kidney scan at UCLH and on Friday Inigo went to Great Ormond Street

We stayed with Granny and Granddad and caught the train into town from Bicester as it only takes an hour.

After my appointment we went for a coffee with our godfather. He gave us some lovely child’s farm goodies. Hooray!

On Friday I didn’t go with the big M, D and Inigo as he was going to be a long time unlike my very quick scan. He had an eeg which the big m said was awful as they stuck needles in his face while he was awake. If that wasn’t enough he then had to have a general anesthetic and an MRI.

Poor thing. He was very brave!

Vroom vroom

We’re making the list of our year’s free entry to Haynes car museum (it runs out on my birthday).

This trip we when to look at the motor bike exhibit. I got to ride a speedway bike

Then we went to look at the big m’s favourite car… The mini. She had one when she was 18.

We designed our own one

And then it was painted on a real car… Amaze balls


Back in Ibiza and first on the agenda is food!
Here I am choosing a delicious ice cream 

Next up lunch… Mmmmm look at those yummy prawns

I also enjoyed playing with my cars

And Inigo made some new friends

After all that socialising a bit of R&R was called for. I enjoyed pushing Inigo on Gran-Gran’s swing

And multiple trips to the slides

All in all a very nice break!

Pants to Pampers

I am celebrating an entire week with no accidents! In my mind am officially potty-trained. In the last 7 days I have been on 2 plane trips, 2 bus journeys and numerous long car drives and not once have I needed the change of clothes packed just in case! So I say pants to pampers!