The wild woods

On Saturday we went on a jaunt to Escot so I could play on the slides. Instead of turning left after the slides we turned right and found all manor of beasties in the dark, dark forest. Firstly we happened across a building site – it is going to become the enclosure for some wolves. Then we found the wild cat pen. One of the cats looked just like Millie. There’s a certain irony to the wild cats being behind bars and the domestic cat roaming free.
I was very excited to spot an eagle owl. He was huge!

Next up were the Lynx. Again they looked like pet cats with really long legs. Apparently they are the European tiger. 

Finally we found some wild boar who were very friendly and trotted over to see us

Also in the woods was a massive death slide, a pirate ship playground and a bug’s paradise. We didn’t get a chance to explore these bits in great depth as I wanted a cup of tea. Apparently there is also loads to do at the wetlands area. So much to come back for!


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