Father Christmas please stop here!

As my letter yesterday said – I (and Inigo for the nine months of the year he’s been alive) have been really good this year – therefore please pop down our chimney tonight.

I’ve put out your mince pie, Armagnac  (Gran-Gran said you don’t really like sherry) and a carrot to share amongst the reindeer.

Thank you and hopefully a merry Christmas

Love Wilfred (3 and 4 days) and Inigo (9 months and 18 days) xxx

Dear Santa

This morning I wrote a letter to Father  Christmas

I asked for some trains as I have been good all year.

Fortuitously we met Father Christmas this morning at Knighthayes in Devon so I was able to give him my letter!

This Sanya wore green as he was the proper pre-cocoa-cola one.

He gave me a present which I was allowed to open today. It was a wooden clock puzzle.

Happy birthday to me 

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned three. I  am now officially a big boy.

I woke up nice and early and had a breakfast of champions. Then we went to the Fleet Air  Arm museum at Yeovilton. It was super cool. There were oodles and offers of planes and flying machines. I got to go in a rescue helicopter

And fly it

And then I manned a life preserving raft

But the best bit was Concord.

Here I am under the fuselage

And here in the flight deck

And here are the seats

After the museum we went home and opened presents – yay. Lots of amazing loot!

Then it was cake time – Toot! Toot! I ate Thomas’ face!

I managed to blow out my candles in one.

Nursery made me another birthday cake which I shared with my friends today. It was also my last ever day at nursery. I’m a bit sad to be leaving but excited for next term at school!

Inigo’s Devonian Adventure

Today the Big M, the Big D, Gran-Gran and Inigo went on a jaunt to Devon. They had a lovely lunch at The Rugglestone Inn (in the background)which is a pub that the Big M used to go to when she little and went letterboxing on Dartmoor.

Here’s a terrible photo of Inigo with the Big M’s favourite tor (Hay Tor) in the very distant background.

Party time!

I went to Thalia’s birthday party on Saturday. It was super fun. Ozzy Whizz Bang was on hand to provide the entertainment. He did lots of magic tricks and had a naughty pet monkey called Bonzo. He also made balloon animals and I got a blue dog. Which I unravelled to make a sword – much better.

We also had a yummy lunch of sandwiches and pizza. And best of all birthday cake.

I was one of only a handful of boys but the girls were very good conversationalists at the table.

A day of firsts 

Today was my first day at school! I had a taster day before I start properly in January.

Firstly I got to know my new class mates. I made friends by playing trains 

I then had to smile for the camera so that my teacher could send the big M& D a photo to prove I was ok! I managed a lovely cheesy grin!!!

At break time the big boys came over to our part of the school. They took me to see the football pitches. I scored 4 goals.

After lunch was forest school where we all got dressed up in boiler suits and went into the woods

I made a Christmas tree decoration.

The big M went to see the second hand uniform lady and kitted me out. Here I am modelling the outfit. Rather natty I think. However wait until you see the green aertex button down shirts for summer… Nice (not)

It was also Inigo’s first day at school. He went to spend some time at his new nursery which he also starts in January. He was incredibly good and didn’t cry once.

Another first was Inigo eating a proper meal. Rather than mush the big m cooked him some pasta which he fed himself. Inigo likes his food

I think he was quite proud of his achievement!

Lights, camel, action 

Yesterday we were invited to my new school’s (I start in January) nativity play. It was called Lights, camel, action and told the story of the birth of baby Jesus through the Bethlehem Broadcasting Association’s (BBC) latest hit show – Strictly Come Bethelem. There was a line up of judges – Ceasar Augustus (boooo!), The donkey and the inn keepers wife. The people of Nazareth were interviewed and the danced a line dance for the judges. They were followed by the camels and wise men who danced an Eastern jive dance. The shepherds then performed a Morris dance and the Angels a ballet. The star of Bethelem outshone himself doing a disco dance. Even Ceasar gave him a high ish score. But the hit of the evening were the innkeepers who brought the house down dancing the tango partnered by their brooms.

All in all a fabulous afternoon. Inigo was captivated and didn’t make a peep.

This time next year I’ll have a starring role I’m sure!