A day of firsts 

Today was my first day at school! I had a taster day before I start properly in January.

Firstly I got to know my new class mates. I made friends by playing trains 

I then had to smile for the camera so that my teacher could send the big M& D a photo to prove I was ok! I managed a lovely cheesy grin!!!

At break time the big boys came over to our part of the school. They took me to see the football pitches. I scored 4 goals.

After lunch was forest school where we all got dressed up in boiler suits and went into the woods

I made a Christmas tree decoration.

The big M went to see the second hand uniform lady and kitted me out. Here I am modelling the outfit. Rather natty I think. However wait until you see the green aertex button down shirts for summer… Nice (not)

It was also Inigo’s first day at school. He went to spend some time at his new nursery which he also starts in January. He was incredibly good and didn’t cry once.

Another first was Inigo eating a proper meal. Rather than mush the big m cooked him some pasta which he fed himself. Inigo likes his food

I think he was quite proud of his achievement!

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