A field trip to Exeter 

We went on a field trip to Exeter by train today. Inigo and I both love trains.

It was jolly cold in Exeter so we tried to do indoor things. We were going to look round the cathedral until we discovered how exorbitant the entrance fee was so instead we had a brisk walk around the outside. We then hot footed it to The Prince  Albert Memorial Museum which was not only free but really good. We saw lots of taxidermy animals including Gerald the giraffe, an elephant, a moose, a polar bear, a tiger and many other beasts all shot by a cad named Charles Peel – except the tiger which was killed by George v in Nepal. The museum was a completely diverse mix of attracts but really interesting. One of my favourite bits was the Ghanaian xylophone

I hammered out rather a good tune.

Even better there were also trains!!! Hooray

After tearing ourselves away from the trains we went for lunch at Wagamama where we ate noodley doodles, yummy chicken, duck gyoza, veggie dumplings and butterfly prawns and drank flowering tea and super juices. I liked it there. Inigo sat in a high chair attached to the table and got stuck!

After lunch a quick stroll to the castle and then back to the train.

All in all a lovely, albeit freezing, day!


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