The week and a bit that was

They say the older you get the quicker time passes. And how right they are. Now I’m three I can’t keep pace with the days!

So, the last few days have been uber hectic. Not only have I managed to build the worlds best train track in my bedroom

But I have been here, there and everywhere!

On Sunday we went to London to stay at kitt’s grandparents house in order to celebrate godfather Mark’s  birthday. He had a big party which was great as there were loads of children for me to play with from titchy ones through to my god brother Rory who is now almost 11. Plus the basement is full of stuff that is fun to play with!

We stayed the night and then on Monday took a trip to the museums in south ken. We started with the science museum as Inigo and I really enjoy the interactive displays – particularly the water shoots.

However, I really wanted to see a dinosaur as I had been reading about them in one of my story books about museums so we ambled across to the natural history museum. We saw a real life Tyrannosaurus rex which roared and moved And scared lots if the little girls at the museum (but not me!)

We also saw loads of dinosaur skeletons (a skeleton can apparently be found inside of all of us – not just dinosaurs. I’m not sure I really understand this).

The Big D and I also went up the massive escalator into the earth’s core. Inigo couldn’t come as he was in his pushchair so the Big M stayed with him. The escalator took us to an exhibition about the solar system. We learnt that the planet Saturn would float in water due to its low density – this was very pertinent as I am learning about the planets at school.

We then drove to Rashleigh to stay the night as on Tuesday Inigo had a couple of appointments at Great Ormond Street hospital.

I was a very good big brother and accompanied him to these for moral support. Everything we found out from the doctors  was very positive…. and more importantly the hospital’s toys were of the highest calibar!

The Big D then drove us home and the Big M stayed in town for work.

I went back to school on Wednesday and baked scones at forest school. I was praised for my cookery skills – I did mention that I try to bake a minimum of once a week at home, so am well versed.

On Friday the Big D went to London for the day and  Inigo’s friend Zephyr came to play with us, then on Saturday I went to one of my school friend’s birthday party. It was magic themed snx I saw a magician. I was also given my own magic wand as well as my urn body weight it sweeties! Hooray! .

I also won a round of pass the parcel and musical bumps. I’ve decide I rather like parties as I got to do loads of dancing.

And then just like that it was Monday again and time for school!


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