Bye HK 

Our plane home wasn’t until midnight so we had a day to kill.
We made the most of it. Starting with catching the star ferry across to Hong Kong island.

We then caught the peak tram, a funicular railway up to the peak. 

Once at the top we went to the viewing platform and had some lunch. Followed by a quick pit stop at the shop to buy cousin Layla a present.

We then caught the boat back and had time for one last dip

After some supper in the club room we hopped in a cab to the airport. It was really dark and late. Way past our bedtime!

We checked in and got rid of our suitcases 

And had a play in the playground and made some friends

And then time for bed. Yawn 

Bye- bye Hong Kong. Hope to see you soon.

Ta da!

We saw 3 real life da’s (pandas) today at Ocean Park – here is An An eating her lunch

And this is Ying ying having a stroll

They were amazing! We learnt that pandas only absorb 17% of the nutrients in bamboo thus wasting an awful lot – as a result their poo looks like bamboo!

We also saw sharks

And jelly fish

And alligators, and monkeys and red pandas and dolphins and seals and sea lions and loads of other animals.

We also rode on a submarine train – a train that drove through a mountain and was kitted out like a submersible

And we went on a carosel (my first ever fun fair ride)

And on a really high elevator ride that gave us panoramic views of the park

And a cable car

We wish had the worlds biggest drink – that came free with out lunch – extraordinary!

And we saw a boy band that we think were really famous as everyone kept taking photos of them and getting quite excited  – so we did too!

Although I probably garnered more photos then them. Probably every 5 mins or so someone else wanted to pick me up and have their photo taken with me. I’m deffo going to start charging. Reckon I could have university paid for if I stayed here for a fortnight!

Wheely fun!

Yesterday after breakfast and a leaisurlt dip in the pools we went tobKoekoon park to find the slides. It being a Saturday it was full of local kids which meant Inigo and I made lots of friends! The locals were all wrapped up warm whilst Inigo and I were in our shorts and T-shirts! We didn’t stand out too much!!!

After a bite to eat we headed across to HK island via the star ferry.  We sat on the bottom deck so as kit to have to climb all the stairs with the push chair.

After we disembarked we decided to try out the new aging among flyer – like the London eye but smaller. The pods fit about 6 people but we managed to get one to ourselves. We got a great view of our hotel!

Chicken noodles anyone ?

We went to the Big m and d’s favourite restaurant in the world ever –

Spring Deer – for lunch.

They ordered the same thing they always do – crispy chilli beef with sesame pockets and fried scallops with bamboo shoots. I ordered chicken noodles.

Coincidentally inigo’s baby food also happened to be chicken noodles. Inigo didn’t eat his but ate lots of mine! I think Inigo is off his mush forever!

Suited and booted

Here we are all looking super smart for cocktails at the club lounge. Even Inigo has made an effort and is wearing a jacket. As you can see I’m being mega studious and taking my school book bag for some reading matter over my virgin cocktail.

We’re all going on a Hong Kong hunt

We’re all going on a Hong Kong hunt.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared.

Uh oh. Luggage. A big pile of luggage.

We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ll have to take it with us.

Drag carry, drag carry, drag carry

We’re all going on a Hong Kong hunt.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared.

Uh oh. A queue. A long, windy queue.

We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ll have to wait in it.

Wait stand. Wait stand. Wait stand.

We’re all going on a Hong Kong hunt.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared.

Uh oh. A bus. A huge, yellow bus.

We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it.

We’ll have to go in it.

Broom drive. Broom drive. Broom drive.

We’re all going on a Hong Kong hunt.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared.

Uh oh. A boat. A luxury comfortable boat.

We can’t go over it. We can’t go under it. We’ll have to ride in it.

Splash zoom, splash zoom, splash zoom.

We’re all going on a Hong Kong hunt.

What a beautiful day.

We’re not scared.


We’re not going on a Hong Kong hunt any more.


Seeing the sights in Macau

Another busy day today.

We started out earlier than yesterday getting up at around 8.30 – a veritable lie in- but the 2am club had been in force a few hours earlier.

We repeated yesterday’s routine of having a speedy breakfast followed by a dip in the pool and a Macau hot. Then we dressed and hit the road. We made a beeline for the new Wynn which opened earlier this year. It has Skycabs to take you from the pavement into the hotel which was pretty cool! It gave incredible views of the dancing fountains.

We also had a wander round to look at the art and opulence. These statues made of real flowers are redesigned monthly!

After that we strolled back towards th City of Dreams for a bite to eat. We ended up in the Venetian and went to a posh Italian for some pasta. Yummy my favourite.

As it was a new day we went to a new playground. This one was good but not a patch on yesterday’s.

I felt that we needed an ice cream after all that hard work – and I clearly remembered all the gelato I ate in the real Venice so surely I would be allowed one in the fake Venice.

We then walked through Venice to Paris and went up the Eiffel Tower. The Big m was scared as she doesn’t like heights.

Finally after all of that we returned home for a bite to eat and a glass of apple juice at cocktails.

This was followed by an evening dip

A few songs 
And bath time

Macau hot

After our impromptu party last night none of us woke up until 9.30 and only then because of an alarm clock – so bleary eyed we dragged ourselves down to breakfast which was a yummy affaire. I ate water melon and croissants as did Inigo.

We then went for a Macau Hot which we can see from our room. Unfortunately most of the pools are shut as it’s winter but one pool complex is open and it has a warm pool, a few freezing ones with waterfalls and a hot tub! Hooray.

I loved the warm pool and spent much time jumping in whilst Inigo took a shine to the Macau hot and kept jumping in. He likes to be underwater and get his head wet.

After swimming we got dressed and headed out. We decided to take the scenic route and walked past both Paris and Venice (extraordinary as I thought they were cities in France and Italy – spot the difference

We then went for a bite to eat – sharing a pizza and a nasai goreng 

After lunch we found a dragon and asked it to grant us luck

Which it did as we found an amazing children’s playground immediately afterwards.


It had dress up areas

A special Inigo-aged bit

A bouncy room which adults weren’t allowed in and could watch what us kids were up to on telly! Look there I am on the black outer square near the top right corner of the screen.

Loads of slides

And air canons which fired balls every where. They was inigo’s favourite bit

After playing we headed back to our hotel for supper 

And then another quick Hot before bed.

All in all quite a busy old day.

The 2am club

We all woke up at 2 am this morning and had a party in our room. It was great we played musical beds until 5 am which I know the Big m and d really enjoyed!!!

The shoeless wonder returns to hong kong

Today we went to Hong Kong. Everything was planned to within an inch of its life. We had a timeline of activities throughout the day which included picking up the travel money, collecting the post, taking the cats to their hotel, turning off the hot water, leaving the house, arriving at Heathrow blaah blaaah blaaaah. It was all going swimmingly until we arrived at the airport and realised I’d taken my shoes off before getting in the car and had left them on the drive leaving me with no shoes and only a pair of flip flops in my luggage.

T3 is not a place to go children’s shoe shopping so I spent the time hanging out in a human totem pole

Until a nice lady called Cath Kidston helped me out by selling me her pumps. The only place in the whole of Heathrow to have a shoe in my size – gap in the market!!!!

Anyway after that slight disaster we found the family lounge – a kids paradise – 

And burnt off some rnergy before boarding our flight (or almost not boarding our flight as the Big D tried taking us to another Hong Kong flight’s gate)

We settled in well at the bulkhead so had a bit more leg room than usual. Inigo wasn’t old enough for a seat of his own so he shared the Big M’s

We did some reading, eating and telly watching and then all went to sleep. Inigo only woke up once otherwise was put like a light for around 9 of the 11.5 hours. I too slept pretty well so we arrived at Hong along pretty fresh for a family of 4 with only 3 seats.

Rather than going through immigration we dashed to the ferry pier in order to catch a boat to Macau. Handily we didn’t have to collect our luggage the ferry people did that for us so it went straight on the boat. We had a wander around the terminal and tried out the loos. The most exciting thing was the cubical in the field loos which had 2 toilets – a big one for the Big M and a small one for me!!! What a great invention.

We boarded the boat at 6.30 for a 7pm departure and made ourselves comfortable on the top deck. We also got a free drink and supper box.

After a fast trip we disembarked and caught a complementary bus to our hotel. Which is AMAZING. We’re in a family room and Inigo and I get our own bedroom and bathroom.

Look how cool it is!

Anyway all of that was exhausting so we’re all off for a well earned sleep!