I went to see the dentist today. I had to sit on a big green chair. It was magic as it moved. I had to hold in as I was worried it was goi g to buck me off! I removed my wellies too as I didn’t want to make the chair muddy. The dentist said I was very conscientious.

Once the chair was in the right place I had to put on some special glasses and then open my mouth. The debts I asked me to say ahhhh. I opened my mouth really wide and he poked around with his mirror  and explorer. I’m happy to report that I have all of my teeth and they are all fine.

I was given a sticker for being a good boy. The Big m didn’t get a sticker so she must have been naughty.

After the dentist my friend Benjamin came to play. His mummy stayed in the kitchen but we went up to my bedroom to play with my trains. It was really fun. But he had to go home after an hour as we were taking the Big M to the airport. But it’s his bday party next week so I’ll see him again then.


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