The shoeless wonder returns to hong kong

Today we went to Hong Kong. Everything was planned to within an inch of its life. We had a timeline of activities throughout the day which included picking up the travel money, collecting the post, taking the cats to their hotel, turning off the hot water, leaving the house, arriving at Heathrow blaah blaaah blaaaah. It was all going swimmingly until we arrived at the airport and realised I’d taken my shoes off before getting in the car and had left them on the drive leaving me with no shoes and only a pair of flip flops in my luggage.

T3 is not a place to go children’s shoe shopping so I spent the time hanging out in a human totem pole

Until a nice lady called Cath Kidston helped me out by selling me her pumps. The only place in the whole of Heathrow to have a shoe in my size – gap in the market!!!!

Anyway after that slight disaster we found the family lounge – a kids paradise – 

And burnt off some rnergy before boarding our flight (or almost not boarding our flight as the Big D tried taking us to another Hong Kong flight’s gate)

We settled in well at the bulkhead so had a bit more leg room than usual. Inigo wasn’t old enough for a seat of his own so he shared the Big M’s

We did some reading, eating and telly watching and then all went to sleep. Inigo only woke up once otherwise was put like a light for around 9 of the 11.5 hours. I too slept pretty well so we arrived at Hong along pretty fresh for a family of 4 with only 3 seats.

Rather than going through immigration we dashed to the ferry pier in order to catch a boat to Macau. Handily we didn’t have to collect our luggage the ferry people did that for us so it went straight on the boat. We had a wander around the terminal and tried out the loos. The most exciting thing was the cubical in the field loos which had 2 toilets – a big one for the Big M and a small one for me!!! What a great invention.

We boarded the boat at 6.30 for a 7pm departure and made ourselves comfortable on the top deck. We also got a free drink and supper box.

After a fast trip we disembarked and caught a complementary bus to our hotel. Which is AMAZING. We’re in a family room and Inigo and I get our own bedroom and bathroom.

Look how cool it is!

Anyway all of that was exhausting so we’re all off for a well earned sleep!



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