Macau hot

After our impromptu party last night none of us woke up until 9.30 and only then because of an alarm clock – so bleary eyed we dragged ourselves down to breakfast which was a yummy affaire. I ate water melon and croissants as did Inigo.

We then went for a Macau Hot which we can see from our room. Unfortunately most of the pools are shut as it’s winter but one pool complex is open and it has a warm pool, a few freezing ones with waterfalls and a hot tub! Hooray.

I loved the warm pool and spent much time jumping in whilst Inigo took a shine to the Macau hot and kept jumping in. He likes to be underwater and get his head wet.

After swimming we got dressed and headed out. We decided to take the scenic route and walked past both Paris and Venice (extraordinary as I thought they were cities in France and Italy – spot the difference

We then went for a bite to eat – sharing a pizza and a nasai goreng 

After lunch we found a dragon and asked it to grant us luck

Which it did as we found an amazing children’s playground immediately afterwards.


It had dress up areas

A special Inigo-aged bit

A bouncy room which adults weren’t allowed in and could watch what us kids were up to on telly! Look there I am on the black outer square near the top right corner of the screen.

Loads of slides

And air canons which fired balls every where. They was inigo’s favourite bit

After playing we headed back to our hotel for supper 

And then another quick Hot before bed.

All in all quite a busy old day.


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