Ta da!

We saw 3 real life da’s (pandas) today at Ocean Park – here is An An eating her lunch

And this is Ying ying having a stroll

They were amazing! We learnt that pandas only absorb 17% of the nutrients in bamboo thus wasting an awful lot – as a result their poo looks like bamboo!

We also saw sharks

And jelly fish

And alligators, and monkeys and red pandas and dolphins and seals and sea lions and loads of other animals.

We also rode on a submarine train – a train that drove through a mountain and was kitted out like a submersible

And we went on a carosel (my first ever fun fair ride)

And on a really high elevator ride that gave us panoramic views of the park

And a cable car

We wish had the worlds biggest drink – that came free with out lunch – extraordinary!

And we saw a boy band that we think were really famous as everyone kept taking photos of them and getting quite excited  – so we did too!

Although I probably garnered more photos then them. Probably every 5 mins or so someone else wanted to pick me up and have their photo taken with me. I’m deffo going to start charging. Reckon I could have university paid for if I stayed here for a fortnight!


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