Before we came away we had a few fine days of sunshine – which meant gardening!

The Big D is super proud of his mowing – and so he should be. It looks lovely. 

Whilst he was measuring the distance between stripes we cracked open the croquet set. 

A sea view

We’re currently staying with Gran-Gran and have spent a pleasant few days sunning ourselves and going for walks. 

Yesterday we decided to climb the old town in Evissa to get a beautiful view of the sea. 

Here is Inigo admiring that view:


This morning Inigo and I went to the gym for our first taste of gymnastics. Unfortunately Inigo wasn’t allowed as he was too little. But in a few months he’ll be big enough. 

I went on the beam first

Fell off the parallel bars. 
Rolly pollied on the asymetric bars

Vaulted the horse

Ran along the sprung floor

And jumped in the pit

I like gymnastics!

My first birthday

Hello – it’s Inigo. I was one a few days ago and had a lovely birthday. 

I spent the day with the Big m and d at Bristol zoo (shhhh don’t tell Wilfred – he doesn’t know!)

We saw lions and fish and flamingos and gorillas and monkeys and butterflies and smelly pigmy hippos and snakes and rodents and bugs and lots of other animals 

I then had a birthday tea party when Wilfred cake home from school 

And I got to open all my amazing presents – with a helping hand from my brother!

It was a lovely day!