Chaos soon to ensue 

Inigo is on the brink of walking!

He will soon be racing me around – and then there’ll be trouble!!!

Eggs galore!

Over Easter we’ve had an eggstordinary amount of eggs.

The geese have started laying and so we have a fridge full of goose eggs. We’ve made goose scotch eggs – which are the size of my head, cakes, tarts, pies, enormous boiled eggs, you name it we’ve made it!

We were also visited by the Easter bunny. He laid a trail of eggs around the garden for me to find – I loved it and am still munching my way through them!

We’ve also been busy. We’ve been to a few parties – an Easter party at Zephyr’s house and a school friend’s birthday which was held at school (his parents are the boarding house parents). He had an amazing bouncy castle. It was ace.

We also saw lots of friends with GAS and uncle shags cjming to stay over Easter and then Lucy and Aunt Nicky coming Cole lunch followed by our Shropshire friends dropping by for tea on their way back from their holiday from Cornwall.

We’ve also enjoyed the good weather and spent lots of time gardening and playing outside. 

Amongst all of this we’ve also been to gymnastics, music class and returned to our respective school and nursery. Phew! Time for a rest!


Inigo has started talking. Whilst my first words were ‘oh no’ followed closely by ‘duck’, Inigo went straight to ‘duck’ and ‘quack’. Whilst he is very adept at identifying the many ducks in our house it seems that many other things are also currently being labelled ‘duck’ too. He enjoys pointing at things and saying ‘duck! Quack!’

Well done, Inigo. We’ll be having a conversation before we know it!

Two weeks in the life of Wilfred and Inigo 

Two weeks ago I broke up from school and I’ve been remiss in updating the blog.

We’ve had a busy old time if it. We went to Ibiza for a few days which was exciting as we had to get up in the middle of the night.

To wake ourselves up I insisted we went for a swim in gran-gran’s non heated pool. Even the Big m has never swim this early in the year – she has now! It was freezing! Not to be deterred we also decided to sample the sea

It was pretty cold too. The Big M said it was ‘bracing!’

We went out for some lovely lunches 

Here I am feeding gran- gran.

We also went to lots of playgrounds

And visited grandpa

Bopped gran gran on the head with the bopper

And saw a very big fish in the harbour

As soon as we came home we were off again – this time to London for various hospital appointments.

Between these we went swimming at St Pancras’ new pool – which was AMAZING. Apparently it cost £123m to build. You can see why. It had water canons, water jets, jacuzzis and a massive shallow kids pools complete with floats and toys.

We also went shopping to buy a new frying pan. Argos on TCR has got a lot smarter 

The weather was glorious so we hung out like Londoners in the park

Visited the church the Big m and d we’re married in (and I was christened in)

It was also the Big m’s bday so we walked along the Thames (if you look closely you’ll see a man with no head! -sadly he was moved on by security after we gave him 50p)

We saw lots of boats including The Golden Hind – sir Francis drake’s ship (we had to look that up!)

And walked along a floating pontoon

we also had a lovely lunch at st Katherine’s dock.

It was all rather too much so Inigo and I both had a snooze in the sunshine

On Saturday we left London and headed back west for solomon’s christening. It was a lovely do held at one of only five thatched churches in the U.K.

Once the b m became godmother Lou we went back to best friend Lucy (Solomon’s Aunty) house. Inigo rather enjoyed the catering

And Solomon enjoyed the grand national – his dad’s horse came in second! Well done Vincent!

Back at home we carried out some more mundane tasks – like the washing

And hoovering (well, eating)

And gardening

Then yesterday we went to meet the Big m and d’s university friend, Charlie and his son Will at the Swanage railway. The Big d got recognised loads and ended up having to ride on the footplate of the Devon Belle.

Whilst we travelled in the carriages.

We also went to the beach and had a paddle  (not much colder than Ibiza)

And built sandcastles

All in all a good few days.

Lots going on this week too….